iLearn Video

Conception, Research, Wireframes, Prototypes, User Interface Design, Graphic Design

Universities have always had a need for video and the spread of video cameras through webcams, tablets, and smartphones has increased the amount of video that faculty and students generate themselves. Unfortunately, learning management systems rarely have support for these kinds of borne videos. The iLearn Video project aimed to add robust video support to San Francisco State University’s Moodle based LMS, iLearn.

Moodle's file picker dialog modified with new functionality.
Early wireframes like these helped guide technical discussions with the developers, while also helping engage stakeholders in the project.
Screenshot of iLearn Video upload interface
The final upload user interface at it exists in iLearn today.
Walla logo
iLearn Video was a long project and went through a few names before we settled on the final one. Originally, the project started with a San Francisco themed branding, "Presidio." After that, we went with "Walla," a reference to the act of actors having inaudible conversations in the backgrounds of film. I quickly created lightweight branding around each of the different names to help the project have a sense of wholeness.
iLearn Video logo
The final logo was a simplification of my work on the iLearn logo with a clean, "video" tagline. We hoped to create a logo that would look good on the web and in print.