iLearn Video App

Conception, Research, Wireframes, Prototypes User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Accessibility Design

The iLearn Video App allows students, faculty, and staff to quickly add video to iLearn Video. Though iLearn and the iLearn Video functionality were both designed to be reasonably responsive, the process of logging into iLearn through the university portal and navigating to your courses before uploading a video can be cumbersome. Similarly, the process of getting video onto a computer from a tablet or smartphone isn’t well understood by many users. The iLearn Video App would ease the process by allowing your device to be authenticated once and remain associated with your account for all future video uploads. Any videos would be added directly to your iLearn account, where they could be called on later to turn in assignments or add to your course.

Three sequential screenshots demonstrating three interfaces from the iOS iLearn Video App

The iLearn Video app icon