Fresca Redesign

Research, Wireframes, User Interface Design

Fresca came from the need for a California State University system-wide research expert database. It sought to create one convenient listing for researchers and the public to find experts working in fields they’re interested in. The original design was intentionally sparse, but this caused many of the more advanced features to be lost in a sea of sameness. The application needed some bold design elements to direct users’ usage without sacrificing the advanced functionality.

Wireframe of Fresca
This early Fresca prototype demonstrated how browsing for faculty would be re-designed to work more like a robust application.
Screenshot from live Fresca
This live screenshot of Fresca shows the evolution of the browsing concept to a much richer interaction with an attractive interface.
Mockup from Fresca front page development
This mockup of the Fresca front page came as part of a second phase update. We wanted to prominently feature updates and user profiles to give the site more life, while also giving more information about Fresca.