Michael Harper

UX and Product Designer

Ten years of design expertise

I solve problems with clever, clean UI designs, informed by UX principles and user feedback. Backed by over ten-years in application development, I can draw on a wide range of experiences to bridge gaps between diverse tasks and get work done. Currently in Costa Mesa, CA.

Selected Works

MLB and Tickets.com


Designed and tested prototypes, mockups, and graphics for new features in ticket sales applications.

San Francisco State University


Established user experience as a core component of Academic Technology's design process.


Given Michael's depth and breadth of skills, he is able to be placed on a variety of projects including UX projects, creative projects, CSS/HTML projects, and CMS projects. As a manager, this is incredibly valuable since whatever comes our way in terms of design needs, Michael has the skills to handle the project.

Michael Turner - Senior Director, Product Management at Tickets.com

In our higher education environment, staffers tend to be fluid in skills and roles and Michael thrived across all assignments, demonstrating flexibility, creativity, and a unique ability to push outcomes further than expectations.

Andrew Roderick - Academic Technology IT Director at San Francisco State University

He takes feedback well from other design members and also is ready and happy to give constructive and concise criticism for other's work. Michael keeps up to date on the latest technology and trends in the industry and shares with our group in an effort to help us evolve and be the best we can be. On top of that he is friendly and kind and an interesting person.

Jennifer Lin Liao - Senior User Experience Designer at Tickets.com

Michael is a talented graphic designer, experienced multimedia jockey, and a consummate technologist. His professionalism in the workplace is tempered by his affable demeanor, Michael would make a fine addition to any IT organization.

Alex Keller - Senior Systems Security Engineer at the Stanford School of Engineering