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The Talk Show: Live From WWDC 2015

I just finished watching John Gruber’s The Talk Show: Live From WWDC 2015 video. Phil Schiller’s candor was almost as refreshing as his quick and dry sense of humor. I’m not an expert on Apple’s internal personalities, so my only glimpses into these people has been through the keynote events. Watching Schiller roll with audience reactions and banter with Gruber brought Apple down to Earth in a way that you don’t see in their events. Overall, the interview was more in-depth and satisfying that I could have imagined.

The Hole Story

The Hole Story won Grand Prize at the Girls Make Games Demo Day Competition in 2014 and was recently released on Here’s the premise:

After digging up a strange portal in her backyard, budding young archaeologist Wendy falls through time into a strange new land. She quickly discovers that her best chance of returning home is to rescue Alonna, a princess who has gone missing from the kingdom. Her goal in mind, Wendy sets about resolving the problem the best way she knows how – by digging of course!

I only just bought it, but from what I’ve played it’s clear that this is a very charming game by a group of talented students. I’m looking forward to playing the rest of it and seeing what else these designers will make.

Wii U: Wireless N vs. Ethernet Adapter

I originally posted this in September 2014 on a different site. With the impending release of Splatoon, I felt that now would be a good time to update it and post it again.

I had always believed that my Wireless N network was the superior way for the Wii U to connect to the Internet. Nintendo supports USB 2.0 to ethernet adapters, but I assumed that these would suffer from USB 2.0’s poor data speeds and therefore be inferior when Wireless N was available (though the Wii U is capable of dual-band Wireless N, it reserves the 5.0 GHz band for communication with the GamePad, so the network connection is limited to 2.4 GHz). But when my Monster Hunter 3U download failed twice, I ordered Monoprice’s Wii U ethernet adapter to give it a shot. My Wii U is very close to a wired switch, so running a cable isn’t an issue.

I got the adapter, ran some speed tests, and was surprised to find that the ethernet adapter provided nearly twice the download speed of my WiFi connection. With several tests via, I found I was only getting ~9.1 Mbps (1.1 MB/s) down and ~5.1 Mbps (640 kB/s) up over Wireless N. When I plugged in the ethernet adapter, I was getting ~19.6 Mbps (or 2.5 MB/s) down, ~4.9 Mbps (611 kB/s) up. Multiple tests showed that there was some variation in the upload speed, but the ethernet had a more consistent download graph without the spikes and valleys of the WiFi connection.

Your mileage may vary so I recommend running your own test. has the only speed test that I can find so far that works in the Wii U’s browser. If your 2.4Ghz band is congested and you find your Wii U downloads over WiFi frequently failing like I did, you may find the USB adapter to be pretty useful. You’ll also notice a benefit in games like Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart 8. This weekend I found that I had a silky smooth connection during the Splatoon Global Testfire stress tests with only a few hiccups. I imagine the servers will be in even better shape with the official release on May 29, 2015.

None More Blog

I made a thing for my friend that lets you hide your public Tumblr page from casual visitors. This won’t act as protection from any sort of advanced user, as your Tumblr still gives off a RSS feed, your Tumblr can still be followed through the Dashboard, your posts can still be found in Tumblr search, and your Tumblr will be visible from inside the Tumblr mobile app. Additionally, if a visitor looks at the source code of this page, they will know this is a blog.

If someone happens to stumble upon your URL, however, this theme may present enough of a decoy to encourage them to move on. This is useful if you need to be very personal. This code works by completely replacing your real Tumblr theme thereby removing the template code that Tumblr themes use to display your content within a theme.

Here’s the code and a brief video explanation with a demonstration:

I’d like to offer some advice for some of the people that this theme may appeal to. As I mentioned, this theme is not a viable form of protection. It’s merely a means of concealing your content in certain situations.  If you are being abused online or in real life, there is help. You can report online abuse directly Tumblr by emailing You can talk to teachers you trust, or your school principal. If you are feeling hopeless or helpless you can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or chat online.